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"Camille Cline has an incredible knack for zeroing in on the weaknesses and mistakes in a manuscript—whether these lie with character, plot...or just plain bad punctuation. Her intuitive grasp of what makes a rattling good story, in addition to her meticulous attention to detail makes her not only a pleasure to work with, but also guarantees a manuscript that's ultimately the best that it can be." —Joanna Elm, bestselling author of
Scandal and Delusion

"Camille Cline's knowledge of fiction and nonfiction as well as her connections in the publishing community make her ideal to work with." —Julian Haber, M.D., author of
ADHD: The Great Misdiagnosis

"Camille Cline represents that exceptional kind of person who can help an author or creative person bring his or her work to a higher level. Well-steeped in the everyday particulars of editing and publishing, she is able to bridge the creative work and temperament of creative people. That is a gift." —Lynn Weiss, Ph.D., bestselling author of
View from the Cliff

Polishing, networking, and pampering for the discriminating author